Thursday, November 16, 2017

Funeral Art - "Cuivië" (2017)

FUNERAL ART - "Cuivië"

Year: 2017
Genre: Ambient/Black Metal
Country: Guatemala

Track List:
  1. Intro
  2. Esencia en mí
  3. La muerte de toda ilusión
  4. El rostro de Marbas
  5. Iniciación
  6. Lilith Ritus
  7. Outro

This is a material loaded with pure magic, with lyrics about the awakening of consciousness and perception beyond what human eyes are destined to see.
With sounds wrapped in ritualistic environments and poetic devotion to Lilith!
Under the starry mantle of this night, the moon shines with radiance announcing the dark melodies of Funeral Art.
Lord Marbas is a reader, and supporter of this blog and the RABM movement and we have shared their first release, "La belleza oculta" here on the blog. Go to bandcamp to listen and download.


Monday, November 13, 2017

Loukaniko y lxs perrxs - "Viajo con mis perros" (2016)

LOUKANIKO Y LXS PERRXS - "Viajo con mis perrxs" (I travel with my dogs)

Year: 2016
Genre: Folk-punk
Country: México

Track List:
  1. Salvate, escapate (Save yourself, get away)
  2. Viajo con mis perrxs (I travel with my dogs)
  3. Caminata fugitiva (Runaway walk)
  4. Complicidad (Complicity)
  5. Dime si estamos locos (Tell me if we are not crazy)
    (live tracks)
  6. Mancha de sangre (Bloodstain)
  7. Regresa (Come back)
  8. Una mañana (One mourning)
  9. Aquella batalla (That battle)
  10. Peter Young / animinimalista (animinimalist)

"Loukaniko y lxs perrxs" is a side project from members of Contra//Historia, openly Anarchist, with very beautiful and politic lyrics. In fact, this is one of my favorite projects ever.
Some of the tracks were written to the comrades that are right now hidden and escaping 
as a result of state oppression, also it's an album dedicated to all the comrades resisting... we can have better times.

Listen also to their first release here.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Flagare - "Arder" (2017)

FLAGARE - "Arder"

Genre: Post-Punk
Country: Argentina


        1. Desacato (Contempt)
        2. Ebullición (Boiling point)
        3. Desollados (Skinned)
        4. Marea (Tide)
        5. Vacuum

Facebook // Bandcamp

"Arder" (To burn) is the first release from the Argentinian post-punk band Flagare. They are located in Buenos Aires and define themselves as anarchists and vegans, which is really clear in their lyrics. Also, in the Bandcamp bio you can read "We'll burn, day after day, before the atrocious reality that beats our senses, we're not going to accept indifference, we choose the disorder generated by our ideals' burning to keep us lit".

Musically, you can find a pretty straight-up post-punk sound, but with a strong emphasis on the atmosphere and textures, and a slightly raw but clear mix.

Oh, and this is my first time posting as well. I've been following the blog for a couple of years now, and recently joined to share some of the material I came across.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Gizzards - "Blue Death Demos" (2017)

GIZZARDS - "Blue Death Demos"

Year: 2017
Genre: Death Rock
Country: USA

Track List:
  1. Blue Death
  2. Alt Delete
  3. Sanctuary City

Well, Gizzards are an anarcho-communist death rock band from the USA, an interesting stuff regarding the genre. Influenced by Killing Joke, New Model Army, Sisters of Mercy, Chameleons, Godflesh, etc.

I don't have more information than that but they sound awesome and I thinks i'ts very interesting to have this kind of politics onto these music.

(Listen and download directly on bandcamp)


This is an original statement published in this page. I’m sharing this in our blog because besides I know the women affected, we must eradicate this kind of shitty attitude out of our ‘scene’, this kind of individuals that spread a message in their music and in their daily lives they just continue reproducing sexist/racist acts, there’s no space for that. Today this is about some guys from a Hardcore band from Spain, and the point of this is that it shouldn't be a next time.

“It is time that these practices do not go unpunished and stop being normalized. It is time to question and point out these actions. It is time that these types of individuals are afraid to do these things. We believe that this is a first step. We don’t expect that this statement will make these specific individuals change, because they have sexism too internalized. Our goal is that there will not be a next time and that we can expose the sexist acts that women deal with every day. WE ARE SICK AND TIRED!”



They want to shut us up, and we won't let them. We are writing from a place of empowerment. Our decision to name and expose sexist and racist acts is because we are sick and tired. We don’t want to be part of impunity and injustice.

A couple of months ago, once again, we discovered that we were victims of patriarchy, and this time it came from a group of men from southern Spain; guys who are musicians and who play in bands and participate in a supposedly political scene. Their bands identify and express themselves as feminist allies; with messages of gender equity and antifascism.

We are calling them out because of misogynist, sexist and racist things they’ve said and done over messaging applications such as Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp. Several of us were affected, exposed, and violated. The above-mentioned men shared photos of women (with whom they had some level of intimacy or relationship). NONE OF THESE PHOTOS HAD BEEN ONLINE, AND SOME OF THESE PHOTOS WERE TAKEN WITHOUT THE PERSON’S KNOWLEDGE. We firmly believe that, even if they were, it’s is not a sufficient reason for a man to feel entitled to share this information with others.

The online abuse of sharing photos of naked women, in underwear, or in any sexual position has become a sexist game that positions the virility and power of men over women’s bodies, as if they were collectibles or trophies. It’s sad to know that this happens in certain scenes such as punk or hardcore, where most bands support some political philosophy of gender equality, among other movements. Things like this should not go unpunished. The same ideas lie behind them that destroy countless women every day. They contribute to an endless number of micro-aggressive / micro-sexist actions that are naturalized in our daily life, part of the same patriarchal system that causes thousands of femicides.

Our vulnerability and impotence crossed borders. The photographs were not only shared among these Spaniards, one was also shared by a guy who’s a chef in Tijuana, Mexico. He shared one of our photographs without her consent, causing anger, disappointment and frustration.

The point of writing this is not just to write for the sake of writing or talk for the sake of talking, as the 'machos' would say. We have a lot of the conversations and photos that this group of men has shared. We are sure that they are not conscious in the least of the emotional damage they have caused to the women affected, who are fully aware of the situation and out of respect for them we will not publish the evidence of what we mention here. And we believe that it is not necessary to do so. We believe that this callout in and of itself exposes the seriousness of the situation, enough that we’re not worried about who will believe us or not.

But that is not all. In addition to this great wave of misogyny, they’ve added racism and discrimination directed at Latin American women. On several occasions we find phrases like: "the DNA did not mix well", "they are all dwarfed and deformed, with big heads”. Weren’t they supposed to be feminist allies, carrying the banner of equality and liberation? Where are all those ideals? Apparently they were only for show, to get social status in a supposedly political and radical scene. “That’s just what men do", as they say, doesn’t make sense to us in this situation. In fact, these actions don’t make sense anywhere and we are not going to normalize them. We know that there are numerous similar cases within our scenes, just like what we’ve experienced. We are supposed to feel safe being a part of a "scene" that believes in and promotes equity. But unfortunately that’s not the case. This situation has made it clear to us that the opposite is true.

Given the great conflict that this wave of sexism and racism caused us, we decided to inform all the women affected, and we respect the decisions of each of them. In our case, we completely reject silence and we want these men to take responsibility for their misogynistic actions. They will have to face the consequences online and in their daily lives that this callout entails themselves. NOT US! Hopefully they understand that the integrity of the women affected is worth much more than the organization of a music festival or the image of a punk band. Likewise, everyone will decide where and how to position themselves.

This callout is also meant to alert the girls who are close to these or other men who do these kind of acts. We want to let you know that your privacy and intimacy are at constant risk. Just do not fully trust the ones who say they are allies. There are many of us who have suffered some abuse by men who appear to understand these issues.

We know that this statement will cause reactions and comments that have to do with the personal relationships of the people involved. Comments regarding how the information was obtained. But we do not care: GO AND SAY WHAT YOU WANT, WE ARE NOT AFRAID, WE HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE! This is something much bigger for us than just personal issues.
We know that this callout will provoke a reaction against us. We will be called and labeled as: liars, crazy, bitches, whores, witches, dramatic, exaggerators, etc. WE DO NOT CARE! It’s up to each of you: are you with us or against us? And we want to make it clear that every violent message in response to this statement, whether private or public, will also be shared publicly.

It is time that these practices do not go unpunished and stop being normalized. It is time to question and point out these actions. It is time that these types of individuals are afraid to do these things. We believe that this is a first step. We don’t expect that this statement will make these specific individuals change, because they have sexism too internalized. Our goal is that there will not be a next time and that we can expose the sexist acts that women deal with every day. WE ARE SICK AND TIRED!


We’re talking specifically about four men who are from the hardcore/ punk scene in Andalusia: the first is the vocalist of Decadence and drummer of Minority of One. The second is the drummer of Decadence. Both of them are also ‘hosts’ of Jäggermeister Commando. The third is a tattoo artist and lives in London. The fourth was a vocalist of Pacto de Sangre, who also lives in London.


“My silences had not protected me. Your silence will not protect you.”
Audre Lorde

Friday, November 3, 2017

Sacred Son - "Sacred Son" (2017)

SACRED SON - "Sacred Son"

Year: 2017
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal
Country: England

  1. Cleave the Alicorn
  2. Apocalyptic Winter
  3. Ethereal Light (Interlude)
  4. Sepulchral Ritual

Belying the summery cover photo, the debut album of the promising solo project Sacred Son is like listening to a blizzard. Swirling vortices of icy riffing and harsh vocals meld through the album, with the cello-heavy interlude "Ethereal Light" offering the only respite from the onslaught. The overall sound is reminiscent of bands like Wolves in the Throne Room, who Dane, the lone artist behind this release, lists as among his chief inspirations, along with formative second wave Norwegian bands such as Darkthrone, Mayhem, and Immortal.

In our brief email conversation, Dane explained his motivation to create the album as well as lyrical themes; "I've been listening to black metal for a long time and I found myself at a point in time last year where my thoughts were regularly pervaded by riffs which I wrote down until I one day had enough material with which to write an album. Thematically I wanted the music to evoke images of snow, mountains and forests (imagery one might typically find on a black metal album cover) whilst lyrically the album touches on things like the ancestories [sic] of evil and the crushing indifference of the universe."

The album builds a distinct mood and atmosphere as it progresses, without sacrificing variety or producing a homogenised or boring sound. This lack of stagnation is refreshing in a genre that can all too easily devolve into lazy songwriting poorly excused by desire to build ambience; Sacred Son shows you can have both the freshness of interesting writing mixed with a hefty dose of atmosphere without either element losing out. I think his choice to keep the album relatively short at half an hour, with only four songs, was a good one, as it allows for a full and intense creative expression without the feeling of trying to fill time at any point. In short, I was impressed by this as a first release, I enjoyed listening to it, and I definitely recommend it to any fans of bands like WiTTR, Ancst, and Krallice, in particular. It's also available for pre-release on vinyl currently, so if the pretentious thrill of buying more LPs is as addictive to you as it is to me, it's well worth spending your money on.

I'd like to add an apology on the end of this, both to the bands who've been waiting so patiently for a review while I sort a few personal issues out and to my fellow writers on RABM for my not keeping up my end of the reviewing these last few months; everything is back on course now, and I look forward to bombarding you all with the backlog of brilliant albums I've been sent in the interim. Thankyou all again for being so patient.


Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Astraliste - "διάβρωση (Erosión)" (2017)

ASTRALISTE - "Erosión"

Year: 2017
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal
Country: Argentina

Track List:
  1. Incesante (ceaseless)
  2. Turmalina (tourmaline)

Astraliste in a one-man project from Argentina. It is a band that tries to capture the landscapes and the feelings generated by being a human among nature.
With the poetry contained in the lyrics you can ask yourself, who are you? Who do you want to be in the immensity of the landscapes that surrounds you?

I know this is not strictly political, but the man behind this has been very supportive with this blog and with the ideas expressed here, so this totally has a place for us.

I took the photo used as a cover and it was a gift for this project and the beginning of it's music. 

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Rampancy - "The Sublime Conquest of Nothing" (2017)

RAMPANCY - "The Sublime Conquest of Nothing"

Year: 2017
Genre: Black Metal
Country: Canada
Track List:
  1. Blood for blood
  2. Failure in the eyes of Jehova
  3. Schadenfreunde
  4. Choose your side
  5. Thy Kingdom
  6. Besieged
  7. Solitary march under a black flag
  8. Hanger 96 (Two forces balance)
  9. Dawn of the new order
  10. Insurrectionary extremist
  11. A.F.D.T.D
"The Sublime Conquest Of Nothing" is the fourth album chronologically and the first under the new name Rampancy following up from the 2014 release "Aftermath". Many of these songs are re-envisioned from their past as Anti-Freeze tracks found on other releases and some tracks are entirely new themselves.

Thematically, this album largely deals with topics of violence, hatred, betrayal, and insurrection. The songs expand on previous anarchist topics and declares open hostility towards a collective world enslaved by political machinery and an identity crisis.

Misconducters - "Boundless" (2015)


Year: 2015
Genre: Hard rock/Metal/Punk
Country: UK
Track List:
  1. The game
  2. Class of '84
  3. Pave the way
  4. Hunter and pray
  5. Boundless
  6. Plain conditioning
  7. Lurch
'It would be a bit hard to find a term that resumes this precisely, but it's definitelly not conservative/authoritarian/patriotic/sexist/racist at all, the idea of "Misconducters" has always been to make a sound free from fashions or trends, but it might be fair to roughly describe it as a well balanced mix between Hard Rock, Metal and Punk. 


Wednesday, September 6, 2017


  • Cómo efrentar el fascismo en el metal extremo [español]

    Article written by Barbarie and originally published in Italian at this address: "Come opporsi al fascismo nel metal estremo"

    Download the PDF [A5] ready-to-print: 

    Very often the extreme / black metal scene has not been the most welcoming place for non-white and/or LGBTQIA people. These people would like to go to black metal concerts and be part of their scene but often don’t feel safe by the consistent presence of racists at gigs and festivals. The heavy presence of racists in Black Metal even produced a completely new and autonomous subgenre: the infamous NSBM, or National Socialist Black Metal.
    This pamphlet is just a tool aimed at solving this stifling problem. Boycott has always been a revolutionary tactic: we just need to find a way to use it effectively. First, just for simplicity, we need to divide the problem of nsbm in 2 parts: the bands and the scenes.

    1) THE BANDS

    • Openly NS bands like Graveland, Satanic Warmaster, Peste Noire or less popular ones must be hindered and boycotted in every possible way.
    • The boycott shall also include non-NS bands where fascists play. Many NS bands from the 90s has in fact become more intelligent through time and for marketing and political reasons they cleaned their image leaving behind the most obvious nazi paraphernalia. Nokturnal Mortum is a great example of this process: while they are now publicly “apolitical”, their members are still obvious militants or supporters of Ukrainian neo-fascism.
    • We must not tolerate also bands that share the stage with openly NS bands who, despite the severity of racism, claim that they only care for the music or other similar bullshit completely unattached to the material reality. If they care about the music so much, why don’t they make gigs the most welcoming places they can to all kind of people? Contrary to adhering to an ideology of hate – which is a choice someone makes – the conditions you are born into, your traits, your ethnicity or your sexual orientation are not something you choose. Musician, who do you want to play for?

    1.1) RESEARCH

    • Many symbols related to Nazism can be found in artworks: their presence should ring a bell.  
    • The “Hate on Display” project provides a solid database of racist symbols and can be found here
    • It is very likely that someone already discussed online about the ideas of a band and of its members. It is easy to find these info.


    Stop fuelling Nazis with our money. Stop buying NSBM albums, merch, stop going to NS-friendly gigs. Who still wants to listen to these bands can download their music illegally, but without publicizing it. Do not ever go to their gigs (apart if planning to picket it as presented in point 1.4 below).


    If we organize, we are (of course) more effective.
    Make scorched earth around the Nazis.
    • Make effective use of all available connections and even social networks to make pressure on non-NS bands so that they have to take a side and avoid sharing stage with fascists.
    • Pressure must be put also on the organizers of NS concerts and on the people that provide them with a place where to hold them: they must acknowledge who is going to play there, what are the band's stances on anti-semitism, racisms and homophobia and what their members said and did during the years.


    The objective is to block and disrupt a concert from taking place.
    A few examples of effective antifascist actions:
    • hang up banners, flyers and posters all around the concert venue days before the concert in order to push and distress the owner of the place even more;
    • hand-to-hand flyering is as always a good option too;
    • a picket in front of the place should be organised the day of the gig - if it is possible to deploy enough forces to make the action safe.
    These tactics present the biggest risks and should be organised with care and taking any precautions that will make their accomplishment safe from both a physical and a legal perspective..



    The places where the scene lives must be kept free from fascists. Ambiguous people must be disambiguated, confrontation is necessary to defend yourself and to keep our spaces safe for everybody to enter and enjoy. Does someone with a Burzum t-shirt walk around our places? Confront him/her and make your move. A panacea solution does not exist, some people should just be warned about the shit they are endorsing, and other ones must be simply kicked out.
    It’s now obvious that fascists will not disappear by themselves. We can’t waste time in organizing generic black metal concerts or festivals that just allow people to enjoy themselves one night. The gigs we organize or we attend to, must be more and more explicitly political, clearly antifascist and, in case of black metal, understandably anti-nsbm.


    We should not enclose ourselves in our scene: prolific connections can be made "outside" of it. The punk and hardcore scenes are possibly the most antifascist and revolutionary existing ones, many of us are already active members of these scenes or have comrades or friends in them.
    As antifascists, we must develop non-sectarian mutual-supportive relationships with those comrades, and, since these scenes have a long and established antifa history, we should learn what they have already developed through time to keep their scenes safe.
    If their participants are not aware of what is going on inside the extreme metal scene, or if they have prejudices against it, we should share knowledge with them about the growing anti-racist feeling that is developing in our scene. With the migrant and social crisis deepening, political positions are also taking a more defined shape: taking an antiracist stance has become necessary for everybody that oppose Nazis. The help from these people is necessary.


    Our objective is to be able, over time, to blur the distinctions between scenes that share the same values: defending our music, places and concerts from the fascist scum and, ultimately, defeating fascism by kicking out racists from concerts, from scenes, from the world, from the universe.

    Download the PDF [A5] ready-to-print: 

  • Cómo efrentar el fascismo en el metal extremo [español]